March 2, 2021

March 2021 Update

To our friends and neighbours of the College Promenade

During these last few weeks of winter, we’re continuing to persevere through the cold, snow, and wind as the formwork of The Carvalo rises out of the ground. We can see a light at the end of the winter conditions tunnel and are ramping up for an exciting spring season! As we complete the finishes tendering process this month, we anticipate commencing the purchaser finishes selection process by mid-April. 

Spring is not the only thing we’re looking forward to this month - we’re also eagerly awaiting the end of Toronto’s stay-at-home orders, which could potentially be lifted on March 8th. We can’t wait to see the College Promenade get back to the vibrant neighbourhood it was before the lockdown. There are already signs that businesses on the College Promenade will be back and better than ever before, and there will even be some new additions! Mannat-Indian & Hakka Bar, an Indo-Chinese restaurant, and Tres Compadres, a hidden Mexican eatery, recently joined the College Promenade. 

We’re looking forward to seeing what all the local businesses get up to when they open their doors to the public once again. As always, we will be sure to keep you posted on all the latest happenings at The Carvalo and in the College Promenade neighbourhood, so stay tuned! 

Best Regards,

The Clifton Blake Team